Kymron deCesare

As Chief Research Officer of Steep Hill, Mr. deCesare trains Steep Hill scientists and serves as a developer various research programs, protocols and methods. Mr. deCesare is regarded as an industry leader in the cannabis science and analytics testing market. He is sought after as an expert and lecturer on the complexities of the cannabis plant for healing in the medicinal marijuana market, development of specific therapies, and protection against contaminants. He advises growers, developers and consumers on all aspects of the cannabis industry. 

Mr. deCesare came to Steep Hill as a Co-Founder of Halent Laboratory in Sacramento, CA, a science-based cannabis testing company, which was co-founded with Dr. Donald Land in 2011. Educated as a chemistry major at the University of California, Davis, Mr. deCesare was hired as an analytic chemist for the California National Primate Research Center in Davis, doing atmospheric chemistry. After just over two years in this position, he was hired to manage analytical and instrumentation laboratory courses at UC Davis. In 2001, he was reassigned to manage and operate the general chemistry laboratory courses for thousands of students. 

A Taoist minister ordained in 1975, Mr. deCesare is an expert herbalist and enjoys ceramics and glassblowing, among many other pursuits. His non-toxic pest control protocol has been adopted by the Smithsonian Institute and the Queensland Library Service of Australia.